Lady Judges of Pakistan – documentary film

Lady Judges of Pakistan is a documentary film that follows legal proceedings in the law courts presided over by women-judges in the four provinces of Pakistan. Shot in observational style and developed on the basis of collaborative relationships, it weaves together court proceedings, personal narratives, and glimpses of everyday life. While the main action flows through the multi-sited management of justice, the interactions among the litigants, defendants, lawyers, clerics, and police offer insights in the socio-legal context that the women judges are grappling with in Pakistan. It was screened as an avant premiere in Oslo and as a premiere at the Supreme Court of Pakistan on the 14th February 2013.

Directors:Livia Holden & Marius Holden
Production Company:INSIGHTS
Running time:54 minutes
Language:Urdu and English
Release Year:2013

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